Things to do in Lincoln - including Lincoln Cathedral, Castle, Magna Carta and more…

In addition to the shops, bars and restaurants and countryside of the surrounding area, we have put together some information for your stay on the main sites and things to do when visiting.

Lincoln Cathedral - Information

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The Cathedral was for almost 300 years the tallest building in the world. Yet, in spite of its size, it is filled with intricate detail.

There is something for everyone. Children love seeking out the funny carvings. Not just the Imp, but the cat and mouse and so many other little details that brightened the masons’ days.

In Lincoln Cathedral the architects of the gothic style perhaps reached the pinnacle of their art.  Everywhere you look there is the most intricate detail, walls, roofs elaborated by the finest carving. From above, the carving is at its best, yet not for the eye of mortal man.

From the time of the death of the saintly Bishop of Lincoln, Hugh of Avalon whose shrine is shown in the picture to the right, thousands of people like you and me have come on pilgrimage to Lincoln Cathedral. It is place of pilgrimage, a place of holiness and of prayer, but also a place to explore.

Lincoln Cathedral Information